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4315 Domino’s Barcroft

Client: Team Washington Inc

Location: Falls Church, VA

Scope of Work: Construction Management


Spandrel was engaged by the Owner to take over construction management duties from a departing employee. A punch list walk was scheduled since job was nearing completion. During the commissioning tests of the gas-fired pizza ovens, it was determined that the gas upgrade work negotiated in the lease had not been performed as thought by landlord.


Spandrel engaged the utility company to determine the best course of action, filed required paperwork, load letters, site diagrams to help speed along a typical 3 month process. Constant management to push the job into construction as quickly as possible. Coordinate with GC the additional interior gas work, with proper documentation to show landlord’s fault of not providing negotiated lease terms, to protect client from the additional cost.


Spandrel also assisted with punch list creation/follow up, franchise certification paperwork and mediation between internet provider and building owner on behalf the Client.

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